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Trotters Pointe: A Great Place to Live in South Lyon, MI
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Exterior Alteration Approval Print

* New form below as of 4/23/15*

Please obtain prior written approval of all exterior changes/improvements. This includes (but is not limited to) the following: cosmetic changes (e.g., different paint color), pools, hot tubs, decks, pool fences, patios, landscaping, widening of driveway, walkway, building additions, garage doors, siding changes, roof changes, etc. Getting approval ahead of time ensures you won't have to deal with headaches down the line, such as violating city ordinances or the Trotters Pointe bylaws.

Some of the conditions of project approval include:

  • The homeowner is current with association dues.
  • The plan meets all of the requirements of the City Building and Zoning Codes and all necessary permits are obtained prior to construction.
  • The master grading plans are not affected.
  • The addition does not encroach into utility easements, or rear or side yard setbacks.
  • No existing trees will be removed.
  • Must comply with any and all contingencies stated below.
  • Decks will be in rear yard only.
  • All specifications conform to Association Bylaw restrictions.

You can get started by completing and submitting this form:
TPHA Exterior Alteration Form (Form updated 4/23/15)

Thank you!!!

Join Our New Facebook Group Print

Please join the new Trotters Pointe Facebook group today. The group is closed, meaning you must be a member to see the posts there. This will allow us to ensure that only current residents are viewing our communications.

You may add Friends in the neighborhood, but an administrator will need to approve them before they can view the posts there or create new posts.

Current residents only - please follow this link and click "Join Group":

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